Co-orbital torques and planetary migration

Seminar Date: 
27 Sep 2016 - 10:00
Pablo Benitez Llambay

Planets form inside thin disk-shaped structures composed of gas and dust, the excess of the stellar formation process. The gravitational force exerted by a protoplanet embedded in the disk generates asymmetric structures in density which exert a net force onto the embryo. This force can alter drastically the planet's orbit, allowing a large-scale migration. Understanding how this migration happens and which parameters and or physical processes are dominant is a major issue in modern planet formation theories and strongly motivated by recent exoplanets surveys.
In this seminar I will summarize our recent results on this field, introducing the public code FARGO3D (, a versatile MHD code optimized for disk simulations and able to exploit efficiently a cluster of CPU's or GPU's.