Dust evolution in protoplanetary disks

Seminar Date: 
04 May 2015 - 14:00
Joanna Drążkowska
Institute for Computational Science, University of Zürich, Switzerland

There are almost 2000 known exoplanets and indirect methods indicate that every star in our Galaxy has on average more than one planet. The planet formation process is ubiquitous and dust evolution is its initial step. Micron-sized dust grains observed in disks surrounding young stars stick together to form ever larger bodies. Details of this process cannot be observed directly and we are trying to understand them with the help of numerical models. In my talk, I will give a broad introduction to the protoplanetary dust evolution field, including the key physical processes, possible modeling techniques as well as the growth barriers problem. I will also discuss possible scenarios of overcoming the growth barriers and forming planetesimals and planets.