Life and the most massive stars in the Universe: a connection

Seminar Date: 
30 May 2013 - 14:00 to 15:00
Raul Jimenez
ICREA-University of Barcelona & CERN

The most massive stars in the Universe act as an engines to promote and destroy life via their explosions. While it is becoming clearer that some of the most massive stars (> 30Msun) evolve into GRBs and the less massive into SN, it is still an open question what role they play at erasing life in exoplanets and our own planetary system. In this talk I will present some recent findings about the physical origin of SN Type Ia progenitors and their role at metal production to seed planet formation. I will then turn into GRBs and describe very recent results about their origin and location in the cosmic web; I will argue that despite being among the most energetic phenomena in the universe, they are not responsible for destroying life in exoplanets or Earth.