Modelling far-UV photoevaporation in protoplanetary discs using radiation hydrodynamics

Seminar Date: 
20 Feb 2014 - 14:00
Jon Ramsey
University of Heidelberg, Germany

It is relatively well-established that protoplanetary discs go through a transitional phase, from optically thick to thin, in ~10^5 yr. One of the proposed mechanisms for this relatively fast disc clearing is photoevaporation by stellar UV and/or X-ray radiation.  While extreme-UV and X-ray photo-evaporation have been well-studied using radiation hydrodynamics, comparable models of far-UV photoevaporation have so far been limited to 1-D viscous evolution or 2-D hydrostatic models.  I will present a new radiation module for the AZEuS code, including a simple ray-tracing scheme for stellar irradiation, and the resulting progress towards the self-consistent modelling of far-UV photoevaporation.