Simulating the statistical properties of supersonic turbulence in molecular clouds

Seminar Date: 
17 Feb 2014 - 14:00
Lukas Konstandin
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Observations reveal that supersonic turbulence is prevalent in star forming clouds. The density and velocity field within these clouds indicate complex, chaotic, and filamentary structures, where turbulent motions interact with shocks. Therefore, understanding the properties of turbulence is a prerequisite for developing a comprehensive theory of star formation in the ISM. We study a set of three-dimensional numerical simulations of driven, isothermal, turbulence with r.m.s. Mach numbers ranging from the subsonic to the highly supersonic regime. We measure kinetic energy distribution in Fourier space, the power-spectrum, and analyse the local scaling exponents with a hierarchical Bayesian method, which has the advantage that statistical and systematic uncertainties are treated self consistently. Additionally, we measure the correlation between the velocity and density field.