75 million CPU hours

The EU Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) provides access to world-class resources by allocating computing time at the five largest computers in Europe to research and industry. Leading an international team of researchers, Troels Haugbølle has been awarded 75 million CPU hours. It is the second largest EU computing grant given to any European research group, and represents 27% of all EU computing time at the largest super-computer in Europe.

If a corresponding amount of computing power would be acquired by buying computers or computing time at commercial data centers it would cost more than 3.5 million Dkr. The grant will allow Troels and his collaborators at the Natural History Museum and the Niels Bohr Institute to make groundbreaking models of how stars are formed from dense molecular gas, and better understand how accretion discs made of gas and dust, that eventually become planets, evolve around newborn stars.