Continued success with European Research Council grants

The prestigious European Research Council grants are awarded as Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants and Advanced Grants for five year funding periods with success rates hovering around 10 % for each level. The Centre for Star and Planet Formation (StarPlan) Director Prof. Martin Bizzarro was awarded 1.95 M€ ERC Consolidator Grant in February 2014 for his cosmochemistry proposal entitled "Stardust to Asteroids: Unraveling the formation and earliest evolution of a habitable Solar System". In December 2014, astrophysicist Dr. Oliver Gressel secured a 1.4 M€ ERC starting grant for his proposed project, "First-principles global MHD disc simulations: Defining planet-forming environments en early solar systems". In the spring of 2015, Dr. Jes Jørgensen was awarded an ERC consolidator grant worth 2.0 M€ for his proposal entitled: "Setting the Stage for Solar System Formation". Finally, Prof. Martin Pessah, who has recently formalized his cross appointment between the Niels Bohr National Academy and StarPlan has an ERC Starting Grant worth 1.8 M€ for his project "A First Principles Approach to Accretion Disks" that runs 2013-2018. These four ERC grants, worth an impressive 7.1 M€, will support a wide range of world-class research at StarPlan.