Hot water and methanol: a high-energy interstellar cocktail brewed up in low-mass protostars

Seminar Date: 
09 Jun 2016 - 13:30
Lars Kristensen
Niels Bohr Institute & StarPlan

Deeply embedded low-mass protostars are energetic little beasts. Through winds and jets they drive shocks and outflows from scales of < 100 AU to > 10,000 AU. In doing so, the winds and jets provide insights into accretions processes, they alter the chemistry, and they serve as signposts of star formation. I will present results from two related projects, the first highlighting the important role of feedback in star formation through observations of water and the second directly utilizing energetic feedback as a tool for tracing the embedded low-mass protostellar population in high-mass clusters. Finally I will provide an outlook on my future research plans at StarPlan.