Water in molecular outflows and shocks: studies with Odin and Herschel

Seminar Date: 
30 Oct 2012 - 14:00 to 15:00
Per Bjerkeli
Onsala Space Observatory / Chalmers University of Technology

I will present my Ph.D. thesis work. The thesis describes observations and analysis of H2O in molecular outflows from young stellar objects. The abundance of H2O (with respect to H2) is deduced from observations carried out with primarily the Odin and Herschel telescopes. The results are compared with most recent shock models and we conclude that the H2O abundance behind interstellar shock waves is lower than what was previously expected. Also, the emission from H2O traces a gas component that is warmer and denser than the gas traced by CO. A comparison with H2 data obtained with Spitzer allows us to estimate the physical parameters of the outflows observed with Herschel. This leads us to conclude, that it does not matter which molecular tracer we use when we infer the force and the power of the outflows. In addition to this, I will briefly discuss the projects that I am currently involved in.